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Model Info :

Name: Agata
Location: Dubai, UAE.
Age: 27
Nationality: Moldavian, Romanian.
Height: 176cm
Dress Size: UK 6-8
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Bust: 32C Enhanced
Tattoos: No
Piercings: No
Languages: English,Russian,Romanian
Smoker: No

Favourite Gift: Hand bags

Travel: Worldwide


1 Hour – 4000 AED

2 Hours – 6000 AED

3 Hours – 8000 AED

Overnight – £30000 AED

NOTE: Taxi fees apply to all outcall bookings.

* Payment in a foreign currency will incur a 10% surcharge

About Model

Movida Models is delighted to introduce the exquisite Agata, currently gracing the vibrant city of Dubai with her presence. This captivating escort is poised to immerse herself in the enchantment that this city has to offer.

Agata is a vision of beauty, boasting extraordinary long legs and a radiant smile that is sure to captivate your every glance. Whether it’s a romantic dinner set against the backdrop of the beach or a lively soirée aboard a yacht, this top-tier model is the epitome of sophistication and is guaranteed to be your perfect match.

Beyond her physical allure, Agata is a multifaceted individual who finds joy in studying the intricate world of fashion, maintaining her well-being through regular workouts, and embarking on exciting travel adventures. Her diverse interests reflect her dynamic personality, making every moment spent with her an engaging and memorable experience.

Agata’s easy going, and open-minded nature ensures a seamless connection, leaving you wishing you had encountered her sooner. She is not just an escort; she is a true goddess, embodying grace, charm, and allure.

Seize the opportunity to enhance your time in Dubai by booking Agata today. Let her enchanting presence elevate your experiences, creating memories that linger long after your encounter.

A Q&A Session with Agata

  1. What do you enjoy most about living in Dubai?

Living in Dubai allows me to immerse myself in the city’s unique blend of modern luxury and cultural richness. From glamorous events to serene beach moments, every day brings a new adventure.


2. How do you maintain your stunning physique?

I believe in a holistic approach to well-being. Regular workouts are not just a routine for me; they are a form of self-care that keeps me energised and feeling my best.


3. What sparked your interest in fashion, and how do you stay updated on the latest trends?

Fashion has always been a source of fascination for me. I love studying design, experimenting with styles, and staying connected to the latest trends through fashion shows, magazines, and the dynamic culture of the industry.


4. Can you share a favourite travel memory or destination that left a lasting impression on you?

One of my most cherished travel memories is exploring the enchanting streets of Paris. The combination of art, history, and culinary delights created an experience that was both magical and unforgettable.


5. How would you describe your ideal date or evening out?

My ideal date would involve a romantic dinner in a charming setting, perhaps by the beach, followed by a leisurely stroll under the stars. I appreciate meaningful conversations, laughter, and creating a genuine connection with someone special.


‘In Dubai us, men are usually spoilt for choice when it comes to the ladies so I wasn’t expecting too much but Agata completely blew me away. Not only is she gorgeous she is very kind and makes you feel very welcome. I had a great experience and I will definitely be booking her again.’

Khalid, Qatar

‘I had a great time with Agata, I’m usually shy and quiet, but she really brought me out of my shell and I was able to experience such an incredible time with a lovely lady. I highly recommend her.’

Adam, Lebanon

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