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Become a member!

At Movida Models, we are pleased to offer you exclusive membership schemes like no other.

Whether you are a regular client or an occasional companionship seeker whilst on your travels, we have something that is tailored to suit your needs.

The two main options available to you are:

  • Full membership with access to celebrities and the above.

Offline Models

In the realm of society’s elite, where financial constraints are non-existent, why settle for something commonplace when you can revel in exclusive experiences reserved for the select 1%?

If nothing in our online gallery captures your interest, we also offer discreet offline models, stationed globally, and kept under the radar for a more private experience.

Offline models are extremely private and discreet, access to them can only be granted via purchase. NO EXCEPTIONS!

You will not be able to meet these companions through any other companionship agency! To gain access to our offline models we require a onetime payment of £300.

Please note offline access is not full membership and lasts 12 months. After a year, you then have the option to renew your offline model access.

Full Membership

Full membership prices vary between £1500-£2000 depending on your requirements. All memberships are tailor-made specific to the individual with the benefits including:

  • Priority Bookings
  • Access to offline models
  • Access to over 600 model portfolios most being Celebrities, Instagram stars, social media influencers and talented artists.
  • 10% off travel bookings
  • Personalised Wishlist

This fee can be paid via a bank transfer to our business account, Western Union, Wise, Revolut, Cash app and Paypal.

Please note that your membership starts from the moment fee is received and access is granted. A full membership lasts 12 months and you will be notified when your membership is coming up for renewal.

How to Become a member

To select any of our membership scheme, please feel free to contact+447496785858  via WhatsApp or text alternatively you can fill in the contact form on the contact page and someone will be in touch with you. Please note we do not accept calls from withheld numbers.

If you have answer questions, you can also contact our team and we will talk you through the process and provide you with more information about the benefits of each membership option.

Please remember, becoming a Movida Models member is like joining an exclusive club. The service we offer to our members can not be rivalled and is the reason why we have so many active members enjoying the exclusive encounters we create.


I have been using the membership service with Movida Models for two years now and it’s the best kept secret I know of.

The quality of the models on offer has NO comparison to other agencies!!!  You genuinely feel like you are in a members club with the elite. It’s worth every penny and Sophia is such a great agent I trust her completely and always follow her recommendations. I have been able to meet such lovely ladies and big celebrities that I never thought possible.

Thank you Sophia, You are Great.’

Ahmed, Dubai

‘ When I first read about becoming a member. I was really sceptical, but I decided to take the risk and go ahead and purchase. It definitely paid off.

I was in complete shock of how amazing the portfolio Movida Models has to offer! I travel often, and no matter what city I am in I always have multiple options of models to meet.

But not just any girls…Top models, Bloggers, and my favourite Arabic Instagram Stars which is completely rare, and I do not know any other agency that offers this.

I can’t imagine using any other agency again, because they would never be able to offer what Movida Models offers.’

Khalid, Doha

‘ I first purchased the offline access before full membership as I wanted to be sure that I was making the right choice and within five minutes of paying I had over 30 options of models to meet in Dubai, Lets just say that trip was great!

The following week I then travelled to Paris and ended up having three different meetings in three days because I couldn’t stop myself.

After that, I knew it was time to purchase full membership and I’ve no regrets! ‘

Simon, NYC

‘ I wish I would have found out sooner about Movida Models Membership. For years now I would book models that were recycled with the same agencies and have mediocre meetings! I’m so glad that has now ended, and every time I want to arrange a meeting I am given such variety and options when it comes to booking an escort. Not only that I get to meet ladies, who don’t usually do this as a profession, and it feels all the more organic. Thank You Movida Models! ‘

Dima, France


Bader, Kuwait

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