Whether you are a regular client or an occasional companionship seeker whilst on your travels, we have something that is tailored to suit your needs. If nothing in our online gallery captures your interest, we also offer discreet offline models. All subscriptions are tailor-made specific to the individual with the benefits.

Offline Model Access

Gain access to the most exclusive escorts from around we world. We work with over 800 of the best companions who do not have profiles featured online.

£500 Lasts 12 months
What is included:
  • Access to over 800 offline models
Bronze Membership

Our Bronze membership is tailor-made for casual callers who want to gain access to the world of offline models and exclusive escorts.

£2,000 Lasts 12 months
What is included:
  • Priority Bookings
  • Access to offline models
  • Access to over 800 model portfolios most being Celebrities, Instagram stars and social media influencers.
  • 10% off travel bookings
  • Personalised Wishlist
Silver Membership

Our Silver membership is bespoken to provide a personalised experience to high net worth individuals who frequently meet exclusive escorts and want to enjoy extra benefits and receives special attention.

£10,000 Lasts 12 months
What is included:
  • Credit retention
  • Further access to private model profiles
  • Priority over non-members and bronze members
  • 10% off travel bookings
  • 10% premium reduction on fees
  • Personal 24/7 VIP contact number
  • Personal attention & concierge assistance
  • Several member benefits, tier 1
Gold Membership

Our Gold membership is designed to upgrade your experience with exclusive benefits and a streamlined, personalised booking process. With Gold, there is an exclusive chance to win a free date with a supermodel.

£20,000Lasts 12 months
What is included:
  • A chance to win a free date with a supermodel companion.
  • Further access to higher gallery models profiles
  • 10% premium reduction on fees
  • Personal 24/7 VIP contact number
  • Personal attention & concierge assistance
  • Several Member benefits, tier 2
  • Priority over other members and non-members Credit retention
  • No more transfer or travel booking delays

How to become a member?

If you have answer questions, you can also contact our team and we will talk you through the process and provide you with more information about the benefits of each membership option. The service we offer to our members can not be rivalled and is the reason why we have so many active members enjoying the exclusive encounters we create.

Please note that your membership starts from the moment fee is received and access is granted. A full membership lasts 12 months and you will be notified when your membership is coming up for renewal.

To select any of our membership scheme, please contact us to purchase a membership via WhatsApp +44 7922 328 683

Member reviews

In Dubai us, men are usually spoilt for choice when it comes to the ladies so I wasn't expecting too much but Agata completely blew me away. Not only is she gorgeous she is very kind and makes you feel very welcome. I had a great experience and I will definitely be booking her again.'


I had a great time with Agata, I'm usually shy and quiet, but she really brought me out of my shell and I was able to experience such an incredible time with a lovely lady. I highly recommend her


If you ever dreamed of meeting at top model, then Amelia is your girl. She is young fun and simply stunning. We had a great time on our dinner date and I know it will be the first of many.


I recently booked Amelia and Pauline for a duo and let's just say it was the best night of my life. I highly recommend them both together, but separately, they are equally stunning!'


Anastasia is in a league of her own she is incredible. I thought she looked stunning in her pictures but my god, she is gorgeous in person too! I was rendered speechless by the end of our evening together


Anastasia, Anastasia, Anastasia, the perfect minx with the most beautiful body you could ever dream of. She come highly recommended and now I know why, she left me speachless.