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If you are looking to join an internationally renowned companionship agency, Movida Models is always looking for new talent to introduce to our amazing clientele. Joining our agency opens doors to a world of opportunities, where your individuality is celebrated, and your potential is unleashed.

Movida Models is dedicated to nurturing talent, providing guidance, and facilitating growth in a safe environment to help you reach your full potential as a model and companion.

To apply, simply fill out the application form below and attach a portfolio showcasing your best images.

We’re looking for women who exude confidence, versatility, individuality. Our scouts carefully review each submission, and if selected, you will be invited to join our agency.

Interested in being listed on Movida Models? Apply now and become a part of our vibrant and exclusive community.

We work with only the best models and clientele.

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    FAQs About Our Recruitment Process

    There are often a few questions we are regularly asked by models looking to work with our agency. Here are our answers.

    What are the requirements for you to be considered by our agency?

    To be considered to join our agency, you must be legally allowed to work in the country you are based, of legal working age and you must be responsible for your own taxes. We are seeking women who maintain optimal health and refrain from excessive drinking or prohibited drugs. Your ability to effortlessly navigate events hosted in five-star hotels and upscale restaurants is crucial, requiring a thorough understanding of proper table manners, dining etiquette, and impeccable business decorum. Adaptability to changing situations, eloquent communication skills, and a passionate expression towards clients are essential traits. A naturally welcoming demeanour, consistent well-presented appearance, and thoughtfulness are always expected.

    How much money can I make?

    That’s a question that doesn’t have a one answer fits all response, as it is contingent on various factors such as booking duration, your rates, your availability, and your proficiency as a high-end escort. In short, you can make as much money as you desire. As an agency, we want to help you be as successful as possible. We want our model’s benefit from competitive remuneration while deriving satisfaction from their chosen profession.

    Are there any costs associated with joining the agency?

    Certainly not. We will never ask for a payment to be made during the entire casting process. We do not expect any monetary investment from you to join our agency. What we do require, is for you to be trustworthy and invest your time and effort into becoming one of the best elite escorts a client could hope to meet around the world.

    Can I work for Movida Models without having a profile on the website?

    Yes. If you are a high profile individual who would prefer to remain discreet, we have “offline models” who only meet exclusively with our vetted members. Being an offline model, means you will still have a profile on our website, but no images or private information is accessible to non-paying members.

    How will I know if I have been successful?

    Once our team have received your application form, one of our scouts will carefully review your submission (please allow for a couple of days for this to be completed.) If your application is successful and we feel that you would be a great addition to our agency, you will be contacted via telephone to discuss you joining our team.

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