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Model Info :

Name: Arianna
Location: Dubai, UAE.
Age: 22
Nationality: Ukrainian
Height: 167cm
Dress Size: UK 8
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Green
Bust: 34 F  Natural
Tattoos: No
Piercings: No
Languages: English, Russian, French
Smoker: No

Favourite Gift: Cartier

Travel: Worldwide


1 Hour – POA

2 Hours – POA

3 Hours – POA

Overnight – POA

NOTE: Taxi fees apply to all outcall bookings.

* Payment in a foreign currency will incur a 10% surcharge

About Model

Welcome to the world of Movida Models, where we take great pleasure in introducing the enchanting Arianna. This captivating brunette escort is a true embodiment of grace and allure, leaving an indelible impression with her striking features and a gaze that effortlessly commands attention.

What sets Arianna apart in the realm of escorting is her unique combination of a naturally large bust and a youthful baby face, creating an alluring and unforgettable presence. Her physical attributes, coupled with an innate elegance, make her a standout in the industry.

However, Arianna is more than just a captivating visage; she possesses a warm and engaging personality that draws people in effortlessly. Her down-to-earth nature and genuine charm establish an instant connection, leaving those in her presence feeling not just entertained but genuinely valued.

As the perfect Girlfriend Experience (GFE) and travel companion, Arianna brings an unparalleled level of companionship and warmth to any encounter. Whether you’re seeking a delightful evening out or an adventurous travel companion, Arianna is sure to enhance the experience with her magnetic personality and genuine enthusiasm for creating memorable moments.

Embrace the opportunity to book Arianna today and embark on a journey filled with sophistication, charm, and the promise of an unforgettable encounter. Movida Models invites you to experience the extraordinary with Arianna, where every moment is crafted with finesse and passion

A Q&A Session with Arianna

  1. What do you like doing in your spare time?

Answer. In my downtime, I love immersing myself in the world of literature. Whether it’s getting lost in a captivating novel or exploring thought-provoking poetry, it allows me to unwind and escape into different realms of imagination.


2. What sets you apart from the other companions in Dubai?

Answer. What sets me apart is my natural beauty and genuine warmth that I bring to every encounter. My naturally large bust and youthful baby face creates a distinct allure, complemented by a warm and engaging personality. I strive to establish a real connection with those I accompany, making each experience not just memorable but truly extraordinary.


3. What is your favourite thing about being a companion?

Answer. My favourite aspect of being a companion is the opportunity to connect with fascinating individuals from diverse backgrounds. I love the art of conversation and creating genuine connections. Being able to bring joy and companionship to someone’s life, even if only for a short time, is incredibly fulfilling.


4. What is the most memorable date you’ve ever been on?

Answer. One of the most memorable dates I’ve experienced was an enchanting evening under the starlit sky at a secluded beach resort. The combination of a romantic setting, engaging conversation, and shared laughter created an unforgettable atmosphere.


5. What is on the top of your bucket list?

Answer. At the top of my bucket list is a journey to Santorini, Greece. The allure of the stunning landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and rich history fascinates me.


‘When I first saw Arianna’s profile, I just knew I had to see her, or should I say to see those breasts! She was more gorgeous than I could ever have imagined, and we had the best time I definitely will be booking her again and again’

Mohammed, UAE


‘I don’t usually give reviews as I’m a private person, but Arianna definitely deserves one. She is my favourite girl in Dubai and no one can compare she has all the qualities that you would require a meeting an Escort so not only can I highly recommend her I can say she is the best!’

Basil, UAE

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