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Best Ways On How To Impress An Escort On A First Date

Best ways on how to impress an escort on a first date

Booking a date with the woman of your dreams can be a nerve-racking experience, and understandably so! You may be lost in her beauty and charm before you’ve even met. We find that the gorgeous girls here at Movida Models have that effect on many of our clients…

But fear not, our escort service promotes a positive experience for both of your experience together. After all, a happy date is a good date! We’re here to give you some pointers on how you can assure that your time with one of our ladies is one that you’ll struggle to forget in a hurry.

Be respectful

Rule number one is to be respectful of your date at all times. Although you may be paying for their services, they are human too and shouldn’t be treated as inferior. Politeness will make your date feel comfortable in your presence, bringing out the best of them and yourself! Manners and etiquette goes a long way – trust us.

Prioritise hygiene

Our models certainly won’t feel comfortable should you have poor hygiene. If you’ve come off the back of a busy day, be sure to have a shower before you meet up. By smelling, looking, and feeling your best, you’ll be more confident on your date, that’s for sure.

Good hygiene is crucial if you’re going to be performing sexual acts with your date. Our high end escorts in London always arrive as clean as possible, so the least that is expected is that you do the same to get your date off on the right footing.


No one likes to be waiting around, especially our girls! Naturally, we can’t be on time for everything, but if you’re going to be more than 10 minutes late then it’s worth giving them a call. Making sure you arrive on time, means that you’ll receive the best and longest experience with our gorgeous girls.

We certainly recommend arriving on time for shorter bookings e.g. 1 hour, where time is already precious!

Bring gifts

Although gifts aren’t mandatory, a perfect way to greet your date would be to bring along something for them. At Movida Models, we list the preferred gift choice for most of our girls. Be sure to read this so you know exactly what you should be buying should you choose to provide a gift.

This ranges from perfume and jewellery to, wine and bath salts – it simply depends on the girl.

Read their bio

While you’re looking up their favourite gifts on their profile page, spend some time getting to know them in detail. We ensure that each of our elite London escorts has a bio so that you can learn a little more about them before your date.

This is perfect for knowing what their personality will be like and picking up on their interests and hobbies to give you the perfect conversation starter.

Leave a solid review (if deserved!)

Of course, a nice review isn’t mandatory. However, should your date feel especially fulfilling, why not tell her how much you enjoyed the experience in writing? We’re sure this will make her day! If you would like to see the girl again in the future, this act of kindness will get your next date off to a great start and enhance your reputation with the rest of our amazing models.

Book your date with Movida Models today

If you now feel ready to book one of our gorgeous girls for a date, then doing so hasn’t been easier! Simply drop us a message on WhatsApp at +44 7922 328 683 for the quickest response. You can also get in touch via email at if you prefer.

Feel free to use any of these contact methods for general enquiries, too. We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

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