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The Ultimate Gift Guide To Spoil Your Elite Escort

The Ultimate Gift Guide to Spoil Your Elite Escort

The Ultimate Gift Guide to Spoil Your Elite Escort

Ready to turn on the charm and make your beautiful escort’s day a little bit more special? Our girls at Movida Models are ambitious, intelligent and driven women of the world. They know exactly what they deserve – and that’s the very best. We’ve put together a little guide designed with our elite, high-class escorts in mind to make thanking them for their incredible service that much easier.

The Scent of Seduction

First up we have a timeless classic – perfume. But we’re not talking about the boring gift sets you mindlessly pick up in supermarkets and drugstores. We’re not shopping for a mildly irritating aunt we’ve seen maybe twice this year here – this is a gift for the most beautiful woman you’ve ever known. The woman who’s brought you to intense levels of toe-curling pleasure. She’s made it her sole mission to make you feel better than you’ve ever felt before – so she deserves a perfume that shows just how thankful you are.

Take the time to browse a few sites. Really think about the kind of woman your exclusive escort is. Is she sweet and soft? Maybe she’s got a little attitude, bringing fire and spice to every encounter. Choose a scent profile that reflects her uniqueness – it’ll make all the difference. Not well-versed in the perfume department? No worries, here’s a suggestion that’s sure to be a universal hit:

Thomas Kosmala: Après L’Amour No.4 Eau de Parfum

A beautiful, multi-layered scent, capturing the erotic, languid energy of skin meeting skin. Apres L’Amour No.4 begins with a citrusy hit of bitter lemon and orange zest, it tempers down to a woody base layer, weaving in musk and amber. This perfume is guaranteed to turn up the heat at your next rendezvous, suggestive of a sudoric, heady meeting filled with bliss and mutual gratification.

Glitzy Jewellery with a Twist

Gift your high-class companion a dazzling piece of jewellery that sparkles almost as brightly as she does. Don’t be afraid to splash out a little, you definitely won’t regret it when she opens up the gift box to reveal a delicate necklace or glittering pair of earrings. You just might earn yourself a little reward in return.

Jewellery can also add a deeper, more unique layer to your encounter, as you can request that she wear it for the times you spend together. Picture your GFE escort sitting across from you at dinner. The romantic candlelight bathes her in a soft golden glow causing the necklace you gifted her to twinkle, just like her inviting, siren eyes.

It can be tough to know where to go shopping for jewellery, but you can find some inspiration here:

APM Monaco: Malachite Mini Heart Necklace

Simple understated class that maintains a playful feel. APM Monaco’s tiny green heart would pop beautifully against any skin tone, so whether your elite escort is a bubbly British blonde or a sophisticated Arabian beauty – this is the perfect piece to gift her. You can even request that she wear something green to match the gorgeous piece that you’re about to surprise her with.

Stylish, Provocative Lingerie

Spice up your night with a sensual gift of lingerie. Choose a pair that compliments her complexion and style, but make sure there’s an element of surprise in there too. Keep the flame of desire burning by asking her to wear the set for your meeting. Whether it’s a dinner date or if you’re in for a wild night under the covers – the knowledge that she’s wearing a gift from you in order to seduce will not only make her feel special and cared for – but it’s a way to treat yourself a little at the same time.

Lounge Underwear: Vita Intimates Set

Heart-racingly sexy, the Vita set is the perfect complement to a night of heated passion. The thicker straps hint at a touch of dominatrix play, but a little peek of floral keeps things soft and feminine. Make your escort feel powerful and provocative with this saucy little set.

And that’s a wrap! We hope you’ve made it to the end and now feel inspired to grab a gorgeous gift for your exclusive escort. Whatever you decide to go for, it’s sure to bring a smile to her face, and no doubt she’ll find an incredible way to thank you. Happy gifting!

Book an escort with Movida Models

Whether you’re after a deliciously intimate massage or a romantic dinner date with a GFE, we have something to suit everyone at Movida Models. Our high-class escorts are not just stunning, they possess intelligence, wit and wiles, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Booking is super easy. You can get in touch via WhatsApp, which is what the majority of our clients choose to do. You can call us on our landline, and one of our friendly, dedicated team members will be right with you. Alternatively, you can complete our online booking form if you’d like to book whilst you’re here. Prepare to gift and be gifted in return.

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