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Model Info :

Location: Dubai, UAE

Age: 24

Nationality: Polish

Height: 170 cm

Dress Size: UK 12

Bust: 34C Natural

Tattoos: Small

Piercings: Yes

Smoker: No

Eye Colour: Grey/Green

Hair: Brunette

Languages: English,Polish

Travel: Worldwide

Favourite Gift: Flowers & Perfume.


1 Hour – 4000 AED

2 Hours – 6000 AED

3 Hours – 8000 AED

Overnight – 15,000 AED

NOTE: Taxi fees apply to all outcall bookings.

* Payment in a foreign currency will incur a 10% surcharge


Movida Models is thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Maddie, our newest addition to the agency. Maddie is a stunning brunette goddess, with captivating bright green eyes and a silhouette that boasts enticing curves. She effortlessly embodies the perfect fusion of sweetness and a touch of naughtiness, promising an enchanting experience.

What sets Maddie apart is not just her physical allure but also her intellect. Highly educated and possessing a genuine thirst for knowledge, Maddie brings a stimulating conversation to every encounter, making her an ideal companion for those who appreciate both beauty and intellect.

In her leisure time, Maddie engages in a variety of activities that showcase her dynamic personality. From maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular workouts to exploring new destinations while traveling, and indulging in the latest trends during shopping sprees, Maddie’s interests reflect her zest for life.

For those seeking an unforgettable date night, look no further than Maddie. Book her today through Movida Models and immerse yourself in an evening filled with charm, intelligence, and undeniable allure. Experience the perfect blend of companionship with Maddie, where every moment is crafted to leave a lasting impression.


  1. How would you describe yourself?

Answer: I would describe myself as a sophisticated and engaging companion, with an innate ability to create an atmosphere of warmth and connection. My presence is characterized by a blend of elegance, wit, and genuine interest in the world around me.

  1. What was your most favourite date you’ve had with a client?

Answer: One of my most cherished experiences was an evening at the Royal Opera House. The combination of a captivating performance, stimulating conversation, and the thrill of a shared cultural experience made it truly unforgettable.

  1. Where is your favourite dating spot in Dubai?

Answer: One of my preferred dating spots in Dubai is the One&Only the Palm. The secluded elegance and the picturesque surroundings of this resort provide an intimate setting for a romantic evening. Whether it’s a private dinner on the beach or a leisurely stroll through the lush gardens, it’s a place that encapsulates luxury and tranquillity.

  1. What would be your ideal gift a date could buy you?

Answer: I appreciate thoughtful gestures, and a carefully selected piece of jewellery or a rare fragrance would be an ideal gift. It’s the attention to detail and the personal touch that truly resonates with me.

  1. What is at the top of your bucket list?

Answer: At the top of my bucket list is to take a hot air balloon ride over the mesmerizing desert landscape. Drifting gently over the golden dunes during sunrise or sunset provides a breath-taking and unique perspective of the vast desert expanse. The tranquillity and beauty of the desert, paired with the exhilarating feeling of floating above it, make this a truly unforgettable and magical experience


“Maddie is one in a million. Her body is out of this world, and she is so nice and down to earth, its not a combination you find very often. She is the perfect companion to join me on my Dubai adventure. Thank you for the recommendation.”


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